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Thread: Vane Question

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    Default Vane Question

    Hey guys this will be my first year in the woods .I went out the other day and got a pack of thunder heads tried them out they shoot way low to the left don't look like they are flying strait. I am wondering if my vanes just wont fly them I am using stingers from durra vane should I try a different vane or a different bh.

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    I would start tinkerinig with your knock point and arrow rest first.

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    Wink Vane Question

    How do your Feild tips fly?, are the Thunderheads consistant, will they group well at 20,30, and 40, don't worry about low or high for moment. What is the grouping like. Then I suggest you google up Walk back tuning with Curt wells. Good Luck!
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    Default Thunderheads

    There good broadheads. My questions is do they group and all hit the same spot? Thats the first goal. At 20/30 and 40yrds.

    If they do that I would just move my sight.

    Inserts need to be sqaured and spun to make sure the point on that broadhead is perfectly inline.

    G5 Arrow sqauring tool works great for that.

    Others ways is check for arrow contact on rest. Sometimes rest need to be adjusted for the extra weight of a broadhead.

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    I paper tested my field points they are flying strait and grouping the broudheads aren't grouping too well .20 yards maybe 5 inch they would probably not even hit the target at 30 40 yards. I sure would like to be able to get them to shoot like my field points.

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    What size vanes are you using? I am no expert but i did read an article about why we used 4" vanes. The article said that with heads than had longer blades like thunder heads needed the extra drag to help stop the arrow from turning into a plane. I don't know if this article is true or not but i can tell you that thunder heads are just like muzzy, tried and true. Like I said, I am no expert, but to me it sounds like it could be a tuning problem or a stabilizing problem. My father in law has used thunder heads for the past 30 years and he has to move his pin every year. He has had his bow tuned many times and still needs to move his pin. He dose have confidence in that head however and will never change.

    Good luck this year!!! The best advice I can give you is, do not get discouraged.

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