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Thread: 3 or 4 vanes

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    Question 3 or 4 vanes

    Does 4 vanes make arrow steer better than 3 vanes or does it fight the flieght?

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    The height of them make all the difference. If you have a low profile 4 inch and compare it to like say a 2 inch blazer. The 2 inch blazer will have more steering. I have seen test were they say only the top 2/3 of the vane is taking air to to steer the arrow because off the air coming over the point. The 2 inch blazer has more vane thats being used for steering. The low profile 4 inch most of the air is going over it and only the back part of the 4 inch is working to steer it. Thats way vanes like the blazer work so well with broadheads is because of it's height and with the drop away we can get clearance with them. If I was going to go to a 3 inch vane I take a good look at the new fussion vanes. They have one out thats is cut in a shield shape with steers better because of the shape. There more vane were it's needed on the back for better steering.
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    I havent had any success with that. I tried mini blazers and duranve 3ds in 4 vanes. Didnt group any better than my standard setup...
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