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    Thumbs up My antelope hunt + broadhead and arrow review.

    Had a great hunt out in WY and figured I would share it with everyone, I had to much fun to keep it all to myself.

    This was my first trip out west to hunt and to say I am hooked is an understatement, just a totally different hunting experience then what i am use to here in IL...

    We got to the ranch the afternoon before the opener to settle in and have the outfitter show us around. This hunt was a semi guided hunt, they show you the water holes and stands and your pretty much on your own from there..
    The first thing I noticed was there was antelope and mule deer to be seen everywhere, I was like a little kid in the back seat yelling there's some, there's some. They were everywhere, here is just a few pics I took from the truck..

    As to be expected Saturday morning, opening day, we were greeted with crappy rain and wind along with cool temps. From what I was told by the veterans it was not the best conditions to hunt antelope over water holes, had to agree with that, hunting sure was slow.. I seen a lot from my stand, but they didn't have to drink at the water holes.
    Sunday was pretty much the same, but the weather was improving and by Monday morning it was drying up pretty fast. It sure turned the antelope on to the water holes, 6 of us in camp killed 7 that day.
    I had two good bucks coming in when a doe that was already there got my wind, she sounded the alarm and off went the two bucks over the next hill.. I was pretty ticked with her and hungry, so I decided to fill my doe tag when she returned 10 minutes later...

    I was shooting the new "X" broadhead by Mid Atlantic Archery Products and was looking forward to testing them on an animal, I have been testing them all year on targets and finally had the opertunity to use one on the real thing.
    She was at 20 yards quartering away when I took the shot from my elevated stand over the water hole. The arrow blew right through her and I actually got the blood spray on film, i could clearly see the blood all over the ground with my arrow sticking in the middle. Being I was filming myself I hung my bow back up and got the camera back on her just in time to see here fall. As fast as them things run she only made it 70 yards before taking the dirt nap, her legs were already stiff when she fell, there was no doubt she was dead on the feet..
    I was pretty pumped, this was my first antelope and my first trip out west. Coupled with the fact I was with some great friends and was testing out the new "X", which performed flawlessly, what a great afternoon.
    I was also testing the new Mega Thrust arrows out on this hunt, more on them later..
    OK, I cant take this any more, this is what I saw when I walked up to her.. My jaw about hit the ground, I been bowhunting for 24+ years now and I have never put such a hole in an animal..

    Here is a pick of the inside of her, I'm only shooting 65.5 pounds and spitting an arrow at 280fps. It went trough her like butter and stuck in the ground!

    Well this post is getting pretty long and i need to get some sleep, I will dive into the rest tomorrow morning for you..
    The story on my buck is a good one and i don't want to rush through it being tiered and all.. I hope you enjoyed the story and pics so far, I really enjoyed myself on this hunt and figured i would share it with y'all..

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    Cliff hangers suck...hurry with the rest of the story. I'm going to be checking out that head for sure.

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    Congrats on the doe! That sure is a whopp'n hole you put in her.
    That look on my face is not concern, its shock at your utter stupidity!

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    Default Very good post

    Head certianly did a number for sure.

    Great hunt (good pictures)and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Antelope is diffiantly on my want to list in the future.
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    What outfitter did you use?
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    Congrats!That is one mean broadhead for sure
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    dang! Are you sure you didnt use an AK and just prop the bow up for pics? lol Very cool indeed thou, im hoping for the same results from my rocky mountain broadheads
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