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    Last year I shot
    1 Buck
    10 does

    We eat allot of Venison

    Last year out of the 11 deer

    I donated 1 cut and wrapped to a needy family
    I donated 1 to and hungry family and they cut their own
    3 went to my son in college which he and his buds ate well
    The rest stayed in my freezer.

    And this year the property owner asked me to do the same we are overwhelmed with deer here, and are trying to get a better balance. So I end up having a great time during archery season. I really like zoning in on a doe's this creates a level of confidence when the buck walks in.
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    I plan on taking two. One from each of the places I am gonna get to hunt this year. At least I think I am gonna get to hunt both of them. Then, if an oppurtunity arrises to hunt somewheres else, I will take one there if an oppurtunity arrises Probably won't shoot a little buck this year, but if Mr. Big comes out again at The Lazy C, he is getting Tricked, same goes for the Elk Deer on the Schaefer Farm.
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    I got to leave are does not many here.Dad is going 2 kill a few I bet he gets to hunt a really good spot this year.Guy farms for a liven and the deer eatin it up.Told him to take any buck and the does
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    Got 4 last year. I don't fill all tags until late bow season just in case I see a nice buck. Late December comes and I'll shoot whatever looks tastey.

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    early season does that have been feasting all summer and fall over at the peach orchard,, I hope my little girl gets one, because daddy can currently only pull 20# right handed and doesn't trust himself to hunt lefty.

    I just love the way she whispers "Bambi Down" as she's clicking her release

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    We have been hamering them for the last 5 seasons. 10 plus baldys each year on the farm.We can see a big difference in deer numbers this year. Not sure how many we will decide to take this year. Still up in the air.
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