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    Default Tips for first SPEED GOAT hunt ever.

    If i dont draw a western ND goat tag this year...i will be taking my bow out after one forsure. I guess either way i'll taking my bow after one. Here's the probem i'm really confident in shooting 40-45yrds very good group. how do i get that close to a goat in the Western ND bad lands?

    i have all the cover clothing and stuff i feel i need except a face cover..will be picking on up.

    i do not have a father in law may have one.

    thanks guys

    ps i'll be shooting a bear element @ 60#'s with muzzy 3 blade 100gr and cabela's hunter carbon arrows or scheel's brand....very simliar both shoot great. both weigh 340

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    really no tips. im am shocked LOL

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    Hunting over water or spot and stalk? Makes a big difference.

    If your hunting over water, get a good comfortable blind, then a face mask is a minor concern. Set up the blind within your comfort zone from a water hole you know they are using regularly and you should at least get an opportunity.

    Spot and stalk, that's tough. Can be done though, guys do it every year. I've heard that it's much easier to do during the rut. They supposedly come running to investigate all comers so a decoy supposidly works wonders. To top it off put a white flag on your decoy and they are supposed to come charging in.

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out for you.
    That look on my face is not concern, its shock at your utter stupidity!

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