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    Default Anybody shoot Red Head gear?

    In this economy, money's tight for a lot of people. Bass Pro Shop offers stuff from Diamond, Carbon Express, G5, and a bunch of others at a pretty decent discount. I'm wondering if theirs are as good as the manufacturer's or if they're seconds, blems, or inferior in any way. If you believe the customer reviews on the web site, there's little if any difference. Just wondering what you folks think.

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    I have a friend who shoots Redhead. Of course he always dreams about one day buying a new matthews or hoyt but, for now, his bow is shooting straight and can kill a dear just like the rest of them. He hasnt had much of any trouble with it. If your tight on money and are looking for a good inexpensive bow, I've seen what they can do and they are just fine in my book. If i hadnt already bought a used Fred Bear, that is the route I would have took.

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    I have been very blessed and do not have to. However, before getting to where I am now that is all I used to shoot. Bass Pro has come a long way from when I started with their gear. All they had back then was Martin, PSE, & Bear. Now you have the best of both worlds. Like Diamond for instance. It is a Bowtech line. What most people don't know is that when Bowtech retires a line they introduce it into the Diamond lineup along with the new models. Not a thing in the world wrong with Bass Pro or Cabelas gear.

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    my friend and i both shot red head arrows, (carbons) and we have had no problem with them

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