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    Default Hoyt for big guys?

    Hey all! I really like Hoyt bows. I shoot a Mathews Conquest4 now and have shot a Conquest of some description over the last 8 years except for 2006 when I bought a new Hoyt ProElite that I couldn't really 'take' to.
    I have a 30.5-31" draw that depends on the game I'm shooting. I'd use this bow for spots and 3D so it will bounce between 55ish and 65ish #.
    What model is well adapted to the guy thats got a 31" dl, like 42ish inch AtoA, and has very large hands (9" from base of palm to middle tip)?
    I think the deal with the ProElite was the shape and feel of the grip. In my area Hoyts are never stocked except for the value hunting models. If I ordered one, I'm buying it. I hear good things about the 737 and in the pics it just looks 'right'. Anyone shooting one of these?
    Also are there any big (6'+) Hoyt Pros? All the ones I notice are on the smaller side and they all shoot different models.
    I'm in no position to buy one yet, just want to get some homework done if a good used one pops up or funds allow it.
    Later, Rob.

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    Well if you did not like the grip on the ProElite you do not have a lot of choices.

    The Vantage Pro or Vantage Elite are 41" and go to 32" draw, however they have the thin grip like the ProElite.

    The ProElite or UltraElite with XT3000 limbs are around 40" and will get your draw length.

    The 737 will get your draw, and can get the full wood grip, but is only 37".

    I like the thin grip, but I know some folks don't.

    Good luck in your search.
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    The Vantage Elite or the Ultra Elite with spirals are my 2 choices. I talked with Kevin Wilkey today and he really likes the Ultra Elite with spirals. I like the grips of the Hoyts. I think that is why most people like the feel of bows all together. The angle of grip of the Vantage and Ultra Elite is a little different than the Proelite. If you order the Ultra Elite be sure and order it with XT 3000 limbs. This will get the ATA about 41. Vantage Elite comes standard with XT2000 limbs this year and it is about 41 ata. I like the shoot through risers because of how stiff it makes them. No flex in the riser at all. 2 Awesome bows for sure.

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    I'm no pro but I am 6'5'' and have had great success with the Vetrix. I know that that bow is not in the specs that you described, but it's a good shooter. I always thought that it would be my go to bow, but I just came into a New Breed Genetix and it is hands down a better bow in all aspects. However, the Hoyt will be on standby in case something happens to the NBA (doubt anything will happen but its all ways a good idea to have a backup bow). Just my opinion.

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    Default Alphamax

    Here is a picture of Cuz shooting an alphamax, and he has a 31" dl. I've heard John Dudley is shooting one too. He's a long armed guy like us as well.

    The above is for nothing more than conversation, I wouldn't compete with an alphamax! I have a 31" dl and give my nod to the Vantage Elite. I shot the pro and the ultra considerably better than I ever did my Mat apex or conquest 3. I'd go with the 3000 limbs on the ultra elite, I couldn't get used to the 3500's. The vantage elite with spirals is really the best feeling bow I've shot though.

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