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Thread: dominant eye ?

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    Exclamation dominant eye ?

    wife is right handed and left eye dominant.she had shot right handed for a little while and done ok. on her new bow should she shot left or right handed or does it not really play to big apart to worry about.thx

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    Default I have the same problem

    And I made the switch to left hand. It was one of the best improvments I have made sence I first picked up a bow.

    It feels strange in the beginning but after a week or two as the muscles strengthin it starts feeling natural.

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    It's hard to decide. I am in the same situation. I am Left eye dominate but am right handed. I switched last year to left handed so that I could start shooting with both eyes open. But am switching back because I never really opened both of my eyes. It all depends on how she feels about it. Usually with women it's easier to stay right handed because they are much more stronger on their dominant side. If she wants to shoot left handed... more power to her!!! It is a bit uncomfortable at first but then you get use to it and you can open both eyes. If she wants to shoot right handed, then let her. Some women wear a patch so they can open their eye all the way. Instead of using a patch, I will be using a blinder that attaches to my hat. She how she feels. With my husband shooting right handed, it will be much more of a benefit shooting right handed because we can switch back in forth gear when needed.
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    I am left handed but always played my sports right handed. When I started archery I did not understand eye dominance do I thought I would "play" archery right handed as well. Now I shot ok right handed, but when I switched to left is when we realized what true potential I really had. Tightened my groups to the point that I now shoot different dots in order to save arrows. Probably the single best change I ever made for myself.

    Also the right arm is usually stronger so it actually made for a much steadier aiming than my left ever did. Took work to build up the muscles to pull in my left arm, but other than that I never looked back.

    If you go left you won't regret it except that it is a pain to get gear sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1DevineShooter View Post
    If you go left you won't regret it except that it is a pain to get gear sometimes.
    On the used market left hand gear goes for a much lower price, usually 50% of new, where right hand gear sells 60-75% of new, so there is some serious financial advantages to shooting lefty.

    Also if you are in a "tight" line like at Nationals it's almost like having an empty lane in front or you.. though you may end up bumping butts or quivers w/ the righty behind you.

    since 1982 I was right/right, but I tried shooting lefty when I tore my bicep tendon and labrum in my left shoulder(bow hand) last fall.... actually I used my right arm to hold the bow and shot with my teeth.... shot better than I ever did "righty". wile getting my level 2 certification w/ Mrs. Ginger she convinced me to at least shoot traditional left handed, I have not regretted it one bit.

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