There no doubt there on the hunting forums. Its often discussed on there forums.

I have often read where a hunter is talking about refugees and conservation from the state.

Never fails there often that person that portrays a hunter and says hunting is not about making places where deer are keep like cattle and raised for hunting.

Another is they often step in when it comes to food plots and feeders and says they would never consider hunting of this form. Scents and this form of hunting should be banned.

Just be well aware they are on most forums. Sometimes they stick out like a sore thumb but some are pretty tricky at making hunters argue on the forums. Often they will use what is written here against us!

I sure don't like what I read from some states like Dove hunting banned in Michigan. Where they used TV campaigns to portray hunters as ruthless killers of doves. Hollywood knows exactly what there doing when they show hunters n a bad light.