My first weeks article in local news paper outdoor page
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    Default My first weeks article in local news paper outdoor page

    Believe me this doesnt come easy to do and I sure aint doing it for the big bucks. Just a way of keeping the outdoor page going here in my community and supporting hunting.

    Could not so this without my wife who a legal secretary and proof reads tham for me. She just like alot of members and often says what are you trying to say here I love her dearly She says it in nice way not to say hey stupid did you read this after you wrote it

    Link to article
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    Hunters, try and take advantage of the free hunting days on Friday and Saturday If you know someone who has never been hunting, now is the time to invite them. No person living in Oklahoma will need a state hunting license or HIP permit on these days. Dove and squirrel season are both open so take advantage and invite someone to go hunting with you. Dove season is fast and furious and easily shared with hunting companions as hunters cover fields. Dove hunting is a great way for families to share the outdoors with a day of hunting.

    The wardens must want Fri and Sat off work or is it state cut backs. Just kidding

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    Nice article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supermag View Post
    Nice article.

    Indeed. Good Job DB!!
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    Default Great Article

    As always Dan. Again you are a great ambassador to our sport. Thanks for all you do.

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