scent control on blind?
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    Default scent control on blind?

    Having bought a new hunting blind, I cant help but notice the (new) smell on it. I currently have it set up out back in hopes to alleviate some of the stink, but should I spray it with something brfore setting it up in the woods, and what do you all recommend? Thank you,
    Doug in Pa.

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    Default scent control

    Also, I forgot to ask, Im shooting with a release, and while I dont expect to hunt in exteme cold, what do you folks use for a lightweight glove and how does that work when wearing a release? Thank you.

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    Leave your blind outside for about a week all set up that will help. spray the no scent solution will help too. Another thing I would do is Put a earth scent wafer in a duffle bag with the tent. I do this to all my clothes. Works for me.

    Your going to have find what is the most comfortable for you One of my favorites is buy a pair of gloves you like and cut of or trim the fingers that you use on your release if you do not fell comfortable will full gloves this can help. I used to do this when I used to fish bass tournaments in the extreme cold.
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    i agrre jus leave it out for a while then spray it down

    an with the glove thing if you are going to be in a bling u could even wear a thick or heavy weight glove just leave it loose an when you are ready to shoot very quietly slide it off
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    Spray the tent inside and out I am going to do mine soon.

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    Default scent control

    Hey thanks a lot everybody. Next, I have to find a cheap seat. Do any of you have the spin around seats that fit over a 5 gallon bucket?

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