I was just gonna tell you guys to becarefull this season and wear your hunter safety sytem. If you dont have one you are crazy. I have heard way to many horror stories about people falling out of stands and becoming paralyzed. Most of has families that could not make it without us and dont want to make it without us. Be sure to wear it.
A friend of mine dad died from not wearing a safety harness. He was wearing a safety belt. Some how he fell out and since he had a belt it flipped him upside down. His son went looking for him and found him upside down but still alive. He couldnt get him down by himself. He was only 14 at the time. By the time he got help and made it back to his dads location his dad died because all the blood ran to his head and caused him to have a stroke.
Hunter safety system makes the best out there. Easy to use and very comfortable. The prohunter has alot of pockets and also has the binocular straps built in so you dont have to wear that crooked horn strap. It only takes a second to put it on. 2 buckles in the front and 2 buckles that go around your legs. The camo is awesome to.
I can set my up so I can sit in a tree for hours on end. If I plan to stay all day I can even have it set up so I can take a nap in my stand and never worry about falling out. I am telling you guys they are better, more comfortable and easier to use than anything I have ever used. You guys need to check them out for sure.