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    Default Spent the day watching the HSO World Championship

    Well the championship was today in Wisconsin Dells and I was fortunate to watch it. I have plenty of pics and a couple of videos and I'll post a few for teasers until tomorrow- I'm headed to bed.

    Here's the two guys from Xfactor Archery and Karin from the HSO. The Xfactor guys put on one heck of a shoot - make sure you check them out if they show up near you

    Top three in the youth class

    Top two women - both made the trip from Texas

    Top three from the mens trophy class

    Pic of the spectators - btw the young on the left in blue is using his new pair of Vortex Fury binoculars that he won in a drawing at the shoot!!!!!!!

    Top 16 in the money shoot

    Showing some skin

    Here's video of Jeff Johnston - give you an idea how fast this is

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    Default HSO puts on a great pop up tournament

    The best I ever attended. They didnt have there regional shoot in Oklahoma this year.

    You better be able to load fast.

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    That looks a really nice place to shoot.. like a banquet hall or something.. and no holes in the walls or ceiling?
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    Nics pics and video Tim. My local range has a pop up range. When they turn it up to turbo speed you cant get all 5 off. Ive learned to skip the key targets on that speed. Shooting fast is 70 percent of the game. Keeps you tuned for deer hunting forsure. The blood gets pumping .
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