The 2009 Presley’s Midwest Open Archery Tournament is scheduled for December 5 & 6, 2009

Go to the following link to see and/or print out the Presley’s Midwest Open Archery Tournament Flyer:

To see and/or print out a copy of the flyer, scroll down below the picture that is on the web-page and then click on “Click Here for the Flyer”. You can also view and print out last year’s results.

There are a few changes for this year’s tournament:
1. There are no shooting lines on FRIDAY, Dec. 4, 2009. Presley’s will be open for practice, first come, first served, from Noon until 8PM on Friday. There is a $5 fee payable at the archery counter when you pick up your target.
2. We have changed the shooting line times on SATURDAY, and added the 4th shooting line on Saturday evening: Those shooting line times are:
a. Saturday 7:30AM b. Saturday 11:30AM c. Saturday 2:30PM d. Saturday 5:30PM
3. The CUBS can only register for the SATURDAY 5:30PM shooting line. CUBS will also, as in the past, shoot the SUNDAY 7:00AM shooting line.
4. We will, if registration goes as anticipated, be shooting the 2:30PM on Sunday.
5. The UPPER Championship shooters (those that most likely will finish ‘in the money’) will shoot at NOON on Sunday, just as they have in the past.
6. Tentatively, The UPPER Trophy shooters for each style will shoot at 2:30PM on Sunday.
7. The other two line times will be filled by grouping competitors with their closest competition and by trying not to break up shooting styles, if at all possible.
8. There will still be a door prizes drawing held on Saturday. However, due to the later shooting line at 5:30PM, this drawing will be a “silent drawing.” The winners will be listed and can pick up their door prizes when they sign in to shoot on Sunday.
9. Illinois Whitetails, LLC has again contributed a 3-day Guided Deer Hunt just like last year’s contribution. Presley’s will be selling raffle tickets for this guided hunt with ALL of the proceeds from the raffle going into the Championship Money Purse. The drawing for the 3-day hunt will be held on Sunday. You do not have to be present to win this hunt, but will be asked to submit your copy of the raffle ticket for verification when notified.

• Shooting rules will be the same as last year. NFAA shooting equipment rules will prevail.
• The overall awards for highest score Male & Female in both Championship and Trophy Divisions will be continued again. Any shooting style can win this Overall Award simply by shooting the highest score. This means that a CUB, or anyone else is eligible for the award.

• We are hoping that the Championship Purse will be higher than last year’s purse. However, we are unable to guarantee what that purse will be, nor will we know for sure the final amount until Sunday morning, Dec. 6, 2009. Of course all of the $50 portion of the registration fee will go to the shooter’s respective shooting style. Division of the entire purse is, once again, by percentage participation for each shooting style. For example, if 85% of the total shooters are in the Female Freestyle, then 85% of the total “contributed” portion of the purse will go to Female Freestyle.

Field 14 (Tom D.)