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    Default One arrow shooting low

    I have one arrow that consistently shoots about 5-inches low with either broadheads or field points . I weighed the arrow and it is the same weight as the others. All are 5575 gold tips cut to 29.5 inches. I will cull the arrow, but am wondering why it is shooting low. Anyone else running into this? Thoughts???

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    Default The low shoot (s)

    I suffer from "the lone arrow" syndrome from time to time. I have to say that it's usually within the first 10 arrows that I shoot or the last 10 before i call it quits for the night. Funny thing, its that one arrow that has "something about it", a slight bend in the fletch, a tip thats less than perfect... Those small imperfections seem to further my understanding that my archery will always need a tweak here and there.

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    OUt of a dozen arrows you will usually have a few arrows that just dont quite group with the others. It could be that the arrows just dont match up to the straightness tolerences that they are supposed to. There are many different reasons it could be. You just have to cull them but before you cull that arrow turn the nock to the next fletch and see how it does. If that doesnt do it turn it to the next fletch and see. If none of that fixes the problem change out the nock completely and start testing it. One fletch at a time. Sometimes just nock and arrow tuning will make bring those crazy flying arrows back into the group.

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