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    Default Attractant scents

    Ok how many of you use them?? Which ones do you use?? When do you believe is the best time of season to use them??

    The reason I am asking is I have always used Tinks #69 and though I believe sometimes it has drawn in a few bucks I am just not sure how well it works. It can't hurt right?? Anyway I decided to buy some of the new Draw 2 lure which works on both bucks and does or so it says. I usually use my #69 during pre-rut and rut but the draw 2 says it can be used during the entire season. My season comes in Sunday but I will not be able to hunt until Thursday. Anyone who's season is already in ever tried the draw 2??


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    Default Ms Doe Pees

    I use MS. DOE PEES, it is 100% the real deal it has no chemicals. i have seen this stuff in action. i was in my tree stand last wensday and i saw a buck coming to me. the deer got rite under my stand and it was at such an angle that i put my self in a bind and when i shot i shot i front of him, he ran about 30 yards and came back in to 15 yards where i shot again and again i missed [hit a limb that i didnet see] so he ran off again and yet again he came back this time he was in the wide open at 40 yards. i drawed the last arrow i had in my quiver released it and watched it land a perfect double lung. that deer was lookin for that hot doe that he smelled. i thought it was a little early to use it but i thought id give it a try and it worked.
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    Can't say that I use attractants, I worry too much about covering my own scent. I have thought about useing something to help mask my scent when I go into an area, but not to attract anything. They just haven't made a believer out of me yet.
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    Yarddog- congrats on your third attempt! ...sounds like the buck had deathwish. ..i was curious how you apply the doe pee... i usually use tinks#69 hanging from a limb in a scent bomb. ive had quite a few deer twitching their nose around once they were already in range but im not sure it brought them in. use a drag system behind boots? spray limbs around your stand? or hang the cotton ball tinks bombs?..and ive also wondered what height would be best to hang scents to get the best results. -thanks n good hunting!

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    I use them but I think its not %100 always
    going to work!!!! I would rather have scent
    cover then some attractant scent anyday!

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    LOL you guys who use hot in heat doe pee for cover sent are going to have a bad day sooner or later walking from your tree stand back to your truck!!!

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    any of those doe in heat scents that you buy are full of the time you get the scent, the estrus molicule has broken down and evaporated into thin air......but keep wasteing that keeps tinks and such in business........if you need doe urine just use doe urine......
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