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Thread: Neet web site

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    Default Neet web site

    I read about this site in a magizine. It has 4 diffrent cameras set up on a piece of land. It updates every ten seconds its kinda of neet!!

    Check it out

    I seen a nice 8 point on there the other day.

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    Default Awesome

    I don't know, but are we to assume that two of the cameras are focused on the same feeder or not? If they are then I saw three this morning, if the feeders are not the same then I saw six. I think it was a Buck, maybe six (6) point, and a Doe with her fawn. Very cool site though, now all I have to do is figure out how to run it in real time as my computer's background so that I can work while it runs. Of course once I show it to my boss he'll watch it all the time and I can get the play by play from him.
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