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Thread: Peep sights

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    Default Peep sights

    How do you keep your peep sight from turning? I have to turm mine with my nose every time ):

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    Balance the string twists after it is broken in..
    Mike "Javi" Cooper

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    Don't use one

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    By no means am I an expert archer.

    That said I took off my peep sight completely. I am hitting a 4 to 5 inch target at 30 yards now consistently and I am improving. I had the same problem you have and was distracted by it. I figured I would get rid of the problem completely.

    Once you get rid of the peep you start paying attention to more important things like anchor point and wrist torque. It takes a little while to get used to but I feeel the less stuf on the bow the less stuff to go wrong when that buck is standing there.

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    Default Dont lose the peep

    I assure you you will shoot better with one. You wont find anyone winning at a 3d shoot without a peep. I use a pretty large hole on my peep for hunting.

    Once mine gets settled in. I glue my dloop to the string. Then it is set the same ever time. My coach Xquest here who has won many national tournaments does the same thing. Its something that has to be right and gluing the dloop to the string assures the peep will be lined up right everytime.

    Quality of the string makes a difference as well.
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    I tried going without a peep for a while several years ago. Got to where I was shooting inside of 4-inches at 40-yards, which for me was pretty good at the time. That was standing, shooting at a target that was level with me. That lasted until opening day of deer season when I was in a stand and had a dandy 9-point come in. He as about 18-yards and starting to get spooky. Anyway, the only way that I could get a shot was to lean out from the stand to clear a limb. Long story short, leaning out changed my anchor point and I drilled the tree next to him. Never saw the deer again. I don't know if the same thing would have happened with a peep in teh string or not. But I learned then and there that for me, I use a peep ALL the time. I left the woods and had a peep installed, been using one ever since. Never had that problem again. Going without a peep may work for some, but it sure didn't for me.

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