About a week ago,someone was knocking at my front door ,which is brand new with a door bell that all who come to the door can see ,but no not this dizzy blond knocking ( more like beating on my door ),so I go answer it . Here's a sze 4 ,long legged good looking lady who has all the Hooter's equipment that could be ordered and before I could maybe sneak a kiss as I figured that my prays are being answer as anyone would fall in love with such beauty as this ! She hands me a gift and claims that her boss would give her $20 just to demonstrate a product to me !

Before I could say anything she's gone to a van ,where she grabs a small box and heads back with some middle age bald headed guy ,whose got a large box and they both head to my house as I stand there in front of that door that this pinup looking blonde had beat on .She says that they hate to barge in ,I replied that your not as now I know they are Kirky vacuum cleaner sales people .

I gave her that fifty cent present back and tell this young lady and side-kick that I'm uninterested and to have a nice day.I noticed that that van with out-of -state plates had left to go to another home leaving these two at my place .

Wrong ,they were out in the street with their boxes and door gift ,I felt good about this as I don't like out of town door to door salespeople ,this isn't the 50's no more !

I believe that people like this are more into casing my house and I don't want them to know where everything is at ,as I do have a coin collection ,a large fire arms collection and my archery stuff plus other stuff such as cold beverages in my frig.

I don't even let those pesty Jehovahs in neither ,if they aren't someone from around here ,it's no way !

How do you handle situations like this ?