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    Default Martin Cougar Magnum bow

    I have an older Martin bow that my sister gave to me years ago. Its been hanging a long while and pretty dusty. Im curious if this bow is worth anything at all, and if anyone would be interested?
    Or could tell me if its a collectors item of sorts?
    Its pull weight is:45-69
    Holding weight:50%
    string length:hard to read the tag, but it looks like 38
    draw lenght:27-29
    Any advice on this bow would be appreciated.
    Like I said its pretty dusty, the peep is rotted and just a basic rest.
    Thanks in advance for any info or offers.

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    Default Martin Cougar Magnum bow

    Im going to have an extra 8 oz. of Amarillo pellet hops and 8 oz. of Magnum pellet hops from the order I just now placed with Hopsdirect.

    Amarillo: 15 split on shipping
    Magnum: 13 split on shipping

    Anyone interested?

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