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    Default Tree stand vs Ground Blind

    Lets hear what you use, Im new to the sport and I wanted some good input on the pros and cons of these. Please share. Thanks

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    Both work great. I prefer to be in a tree but some prefer ground blinds. To me it comes down to pressure. I hunt a very high pressure area and state. Ground blinds will work but the deer need time to get used to them. Even then they can be hard to fool. It's nice to have a ground blind for bad weather as well.

    Ive never taken a deer from a ground blind the day I set it up. Ive taken plenty of deer from tree stands the day Ive hung them.

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    Yeah I live in mn, So the best option is a tree stand then?

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    Default Good question

    I know that some of the places that I hunt there may not be a tree suitable for a stand. To me that's when a blind comes in handy. One spot that I have found this year has no trees that are over 3" in diameter. But there is a great funnel there as well as a good fence crossing. I will set my blind there and brush it in real good and only hunt it when the wind is right. And like jdawg said it will be nice when the weather gets bad. My opinion is if you can use a treestand safely in your area then do it. You'll just have to try what works best for you and your area that you hunt. And welcome to the archery world.

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    ive hunted out of both for the last few years, and I have taken just as many deer out of the ground blind, and I did in a stand. The woods myself and my dad hunt, are public, high pressure land also. The only thing I have noticed is that deer tend to be a bit more cautious when they see a blur on the ground where your hunting from.

    For example, I had a doe and her little one come into my area last winter, now mind you I had nothing in front of me, I was just tucked up in front of a tree with my coveralls on, sitting in a fold up chair. She knew I was there, but still came in anyways..It took her probably 10 minutes to come in and feed, but it just goes to show you that you dont always need a blind
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    Default No doubt Treestand

    Getting high elimanates ones scent better.

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