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    Default Interesting story on large deer harvest here in Oklahoma

    This has been a hot story and one everyone should be aware when hunting on somemones else property. I personally think the hunter should have been able to keep the buck. He was invited by a ranch hand. After the court battle the Oklahoma Wildlife dept now owns the buck horns.
    But I understand court battles are tough to fight.

    I was interviewing, Richard Hatcher, the new state Wildlife Director on Thursday, when I noticed a beautiful mount of a whitetailed deer in his office.
    It turns out it was Michael Crosslandís state non-typical record buck shot in Tillman County in 2004.
    ďWhatís it doing here?Ē I asked
    If you remember the saga of the Crossland buck, it was the subject of controversy and a court battle.
    The landowner where Crossland shot the 31-point buck later claimed Crossland didnít have permission to hunt.
    He filed a misdemeanor complaint of hunting without permission against Crossland and the case went to court.
    The judge dismissed the case but didnít say why. Iím assuming it was because one of the landownerís hired hands testified he invited Crossland to go hunting and that Crossland had no reason to believe he didnít have permission, according to the trial transcripts.
    The landowner claimed everyone in Tillman County knew the family didnít allow hunting on the land without permission.
    Anyway, the case didnít end with the judge dismissing the misdemeanor charge.
    The landowner, miffed by the judgeís decision, filed a civil lawsuit against Crossland, state wildlife officials said.
    Crossland didnít have the money to keep fighting it in court so it was eventually settled out of court.
    Neither side wanted the other to have the rack, so to settle the lawsuit it was agreed the state Wildlife Department would keep it.
    And now it hangs in the state Wildlife Directorís office. So I guess the buck stops here.
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    I agree with you DB. I think the hunter got screwed IMO. What an awesome buck but a terrible ending.

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