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Thread: G5 Asd Tool!

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    Thumbs up G5 Asd Tool!

    I had six new arrows ready to go for the opener nexted week, gold tip 7595
    with wraps and blazers. I had the shop cut to length but ask them not to install the inserts. I purchased the ASD tool and followed the instructions. First squaring of the end of the shaft, and then setting the inserts. After they where set I used the black marker on the face of the inserts to darken then in. Then I rotated the cutting head for Aluminum as stated in the instructions. When done the inserts will be perfectly squared off with no run over of material. Nexted I put a Slick Trick magnum 100 together and spin tested, after a few adjustments to the head and nok, she was spinning true. I also pulled out a target arrow that was not used on the ASD tool and set a Trick on it as well. The target arrow was spin tested and adjusted as best you can get. This was also the same arrow I used the other day and had good arrow flight from. At twenty five yards I set the broadhead target with the 1" sticker and shot the target arrow, It was real close to the sticker. Next was the arrow that was run thru the ASD, this arrow appeared to have a little smoother flight and was spot on. I pulled both arrows and shot he ASD arrow five more times. There was a real noticeable difference in arrow flight and accuracy. DB has mentioned this tool several times recently, I have know of it since it came out but was a little skeptical. Thanks again DB smooth straight arrows, even at thirty yards. I guess its all about the little things.
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    I work in construction for a living, and I'll tell you- if it ain't square to start then you might as well start over!! I worked at a pro shop for about five years and we used the g5 tool on every arrow we cut. When arrow saws get dull ( or better yet when techs get in a hurry!!!!) uneven cuts results in imperfect flight. When I say imperfect I am talking to the guys who acetone off extra glue around their fletchings!!! But these are the same guys who take this sport seriously.

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    I'm a firm believer in the ASD too...I always square of both ends of my arrows (the nock end is just as important)...all those little things add up in the end. You may be a little hesitant to buy one but let me tell you its the best money you can spend that will immediately increase consistency & accuracy. For those that dont wanna spend the money you can make a homemade version too.
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    Or, you can make your own.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'm always looking for a new method to do anything.
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