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    Default Id like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, PICS PICS PICS

    Here we have my Savage 7mag that I rebuilt from the ground up, bedded my own stock (with the help from MANY forum members from multiple sites) THANK YOU ALL. I finished the stock myself, sanded, fitted the action inlets to match and did all the clear coating. Innovative Arms did the Gunkoting of this rifle.

    In the background is the bow rack I built over the last few days (havent even hung it yet). I cut ALLL the wood myself with my new power mitre saw and drill press. It enthrones my Elite Archery Z28 and has numerous holes for arrow storage plus some lil cubby holes for nocks, vanes and nick nacks.

    Her hair glistened in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze.

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    Very nice!
    That look on my face is not concern, its shock at your utter stupidity!

    Check out It's an adult archer/hunting site that feels like hunt camp.

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    She sure looks purtty........but can she shoot?

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    Talking Amazing !

    I notice that that rifle never moved during that photo shoot !

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    Bowtech Invasion Black ops 26.5 60#
    Mathews Creed 26.5 @ 60#
    Mathews Chill 26.5@ 60#

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