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    Default Wheres the best bow supply deals online?

    Where do most you guys get your archery stuff from? ..ive been ordering most everything from cabelas for years because ive been using them for a long time without any problems and didnt think the deals were bad compared to local prices. ...i checked out bowhunters superstore after seeing it posted on another thread and noticed it had better prices than cabelas but i dont know how reliable they are. -actually the deals were about the same from cabelas after i got a $20 rebate. ...anyhow im looking for a inexpensive/reputable place to buy from maybe for next time. ..and sry if this looks like an advertisement. thx

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    When your looking for great deals and great service, just look at the website your on and visit our online stores.

    Our new store is It is the most up to date with new products. You can also visit the old store which is
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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    I don't know where u live but here in my home area the prices are almost always higher at the big on-line stores. We buy 95% of our stuff at local bow shops. Am example was Easton Maximas arrows were $119 at BP they are $90 a doz at both shops, Summit Viper was $259 at all of the big shops and we paid $218 at our shop. I could go on and on but I think u get the picture. I understand that some folks live where u don't have good shops close by. I live 60 miles north of Chattanooga TN and within 35 miles we have 2 really good shops plus when something goes wrong what do u do. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Chris - you will be happy to know, I checked out a bunch of recommended archery supply shops from AT threads and by far has the best deal on goldtips. ..and most everything else i checked out was close to or the same $$$. If i bust up any more goldtips this year, im gonna need another dozen before next season to be on the safe side. thanks -Steve

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    ebay, i bought my 700 dollar diamond for 500 including shipping, brand new in the box!! (not advertising, just impressed)
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