We just got back from Northern Michigan, Put the camo materials and branches and such to better hide the ladder. Sorry no pics, was not there very long. Also pulled and veiwed pictures from two different cameras, this was a little disappointing. The only buck was that 1.5 year old you all saw last week, however we have about eight deer using the food plots during the day and night. There are a couple of real old gals in there, someone talked about a dry doe. Oh! Yeah! The wheat came up and doing well, the buck forage Oats is very thick and green, and the clover looks like its been hit hard. I walked ours and some of the properties I have permission no rubs there yet, could be a few days yet. I just found some in southern Mi last week. Oh Yeah and My four year old whated to shoot a Dad's 3d Buck, on the 3rd try she nailed the heart. Boy did she get excited, Mom looked worried that she was losing her little girl to the Great Outdoors, being a Dad can really be cool!