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    Default Trophy Blend Deer Scents

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I figured I would share it with all my fellow bowhunters.

    Here is the deal!! Trophy Blend Scents is offering a $500.00 Bounty on the largest, Typical, Public Land, Whitetail Buck taken using Trophy Blend Scents.
    "USA ONLY" Now the rules for this will be simple and I hope people are honest. Good luck to all you hunters and PLEASE be safe and have fun.


    1. The buck MUST be taken using Trophy Blend Scents and a proof of purchase MUST be presented to win contest. NOTE- If you buy at we will keep records of your purchase.

    2. The Buck MUST be harvested with a Bow. NO exceptions!!!!!

    3. Hunters MUST provide Documentation of their Current hunting license and Tag for 2009-2010 season.

    4. Buck MUST legally be scored by an Official Boone&Crockett or Pope&Young Scoring Person, and Official scoring sheet MUST be signed and presented.

    5. Hunters MUST present a photo of the harvested Buck with a stick of Trophy Blend in it with the current date on picture.

    6.The buck MUST be harvested in the USA! NO CANADA BUCKS!!!!

    7. All pictures taken and submitted shall be released to Trophy Blend Scents to use for all and any advertisement or promotional purposes.

    8.Contest will Run from October 1st 2009 until February 31st 2010

    9. Any buck proven to be taken in a high fence area will be withdrawn from the contest.

    Yes I am on their Staff, but I wouldn't use them if I didn't believe in them!!!

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