Who here would be interested in spending a weekend with The 2009 world champion archer Reo Wilde?

If we can round up 15 shooters, we can get Reo come spend the weekend here in KC to share some of the "mojo" that led him to one of the most remarkable years in tournament archery history.

Winning Vegas, the Yankton Classic, Gold medals in both individual and team world championship, shooting 60 baby x's at Lancaster's.......

Cost would be between $200 and $250 per person. He still has several weekends open this fall, so we have a few options there.

We can have him talor the class to meet the needs of the majority of the class too. We have a lot of great archers in the area that I think are very capable of taking it to the next level.

I know budets are tight, so if we have it out to Tri-County we can chip in and just have lunch there. I'll donate the chili for one day.

Anyone interested please let me know so we can get a date nailed down.