I had the owner/inventor of this rangefinder contact me and ask me if I would be willing to give his rangefinder a review and I agreed. I am not getting paid, nor do I get anything out of the agreeing to do the review. I am just a Hardcore bow hunter always interested in a great product MADE IN THE USA. I already own a Bushnell Scout laser rangefinder, so I thought it would be interesting to test it's accuracy with an electronic one. This rangefinder is pretty impressive, and although I haven't had a chance to field test yet, I can't see why it won't work as advertised, as pendulum sights have been in use for years, and this is the same technology that this range finder uses. It is a rangefinder, a 33' pull up rope, and a tape measure all in one. I will give a followup review in upcoming days once my deer season opens. Most trees tand bow hunters have no need for an expensive electronic laser range finder, and simply need to know what the distance is to several landmarks or trees in the tree stand location he is hunting. This should fill that need. Here is how it works:

Using ArcherRange

Easy to use belt loop clip securely attaches with one hand.

With the rangefinder clipped through your belt loop, insert the nylon strap between the limb of your bow and your bowstring and then loop the strap over the cam end of the bow.

As you climb the tree, the tape measure will unwind.

After getting into your stand, and before hoisting your equipment, check the tape measure to see how high you are to CHEST level.

Hoist your equipment up and reel in the tape.

Pick out some landmarks around your hunting area and aim the rangefinder at the base of the object using the pistol type sights on top of the rangefinder.

While aiming, press and release the oval button on the left side of the rangefinder above the window. This will release the pendulum and allow it to swing freely and then lock back in place. Hold the button in for a couple of seconds to allow the pendulum time to stop swinging.

Note: Click here to learn more about using Archer Range on a hill.

Gently turn the rangefinder so that you can look directly at the graph on left side. Find the height that you previously measured on the right side of the graph and follow the line out to where it intersects with the pendulum. This is the HORIZONTAL DISTANCE or shooting distance to the target.

Storage and Care:

Always store your Archer-Range with the needle on the far right side of the graph. Protect from extremely high temperatures. Excessive weight or twisting on the housing could damage the needle.

Retail is $49.95