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    Default Screwed up rack.

    Got some freaks on my trail cameras lately;all small bucks.Check this bucks antler out.Looks like it broke its pedicle at some point during its life.Have yet to see any of the big hogs I've got on my cameras yet.

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    That fella has to have a headache on top of being cross eyed

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    i'd definately take that sucker out if given the chance..once it gets older, it wont be able to defend itself with a rack like that, and dependinf on how the bone grows, it wont be able to eat in the next few years
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    Course I'm a deer sl*t and would shoot him. But in reality he may not have bad genetics but just have had a mishap early on in antler developement. If I had other bucks in mind I'd let him walk and see what he might become.
    I have'nt seen any or got any bucks on film yet, so he'd be in a bad spot if he gave me a good chance.
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    I shot a big old mature buck kind of like him. The buck had a big perfect 5 point on one side and two points on the other side and the mean beam came around like that and almost touched hid nose. When butchering it he had a busted shoulder and that way it growled like that. He did had a real heavy rack.

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    Default That awefull

    He sure aint going to win any fights with that set of horns.
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