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    Default Broadhead mounting

    Hi I just bought my first broadheads from Cabela's, they are Cabela's Lazer PRO Mag, 3 blades broadhead... Yes, I know they aren't the best, but it was just a trial... anyway, with my big surprise they arrived dismounted... maybe it is the correct way... but I could't slide the blades in any way into the site to fix them to the point... it looks like they are too thick for the site... I even tried with a hammer... is that a "secret" way to put toghether this broadheads? At cabela's nobody answered... (Thank you very much...)

    Thanks for any help you could give here...

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    send them back, there are a lot of lower priced broadheads that are well made and will do the job.

    It doesn't matter if you spend 15 dollars a head or 5 dollars a head if you don't put it vitals.

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    Seeing how Cabela's didn't respond - return them. There are several heads
    already assembled that will do the job as Gator has stated. No way a
    hammer should be needed

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    go for the muzzy's..ive heard great reviews about them, so i went out and got some..what ever you do, stay away from rocky mountain.they leave no blood trail
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    i agree go with muzzy they are great and leave an awsome blood trail

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    Default Broadheads

    I would go with muzzy can get a six pack for like 30 bucks and under check ebay and classifieds. Also shot placement is the key in getting a good blood trail.

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    Thumbs up Broadheads

    Most any good Broadhead will do the job!, I have taken many deer with Muzzy, Rocky mountain, NAP, and many others. The most important is spin your arrows and use a G5 ASD tool. And Good Luck!
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