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    Default Vermont

    You can shoot a max of 3 deer, two can be a buck but they all can be a doe if you draw a muzzle loader permit.

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    Default Connecticut

    Bow 2 buck 2 doe
    Muzload 1 either (private land 1 and 1)
    Shot Gun 1 either (private land 1 and 1)

    Plus you can hunt the coast line Jan 1st-31st for an extra 1 buck and 1 doe.

    Side note you can use buck tags are either or and doe tags are doe only.

    So looks like 12 total.

    I would be happy to see 1 either or durring hunting hours
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    1 Buck and if you limited out in all the counties on does it's something like 208!
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    In Pa we get one buck state wide. As for doe, in the part of pa that I live in you can get as many doe tags as you can afford. In other parts of the state I think they have a limit of two doe tags but I could be wrong. I live in a special regulation part of the state and can go to the court house and buy doe tags and I think the rest of the state has to mail in for doe tags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenfarr View Post
    2 deer total if you don't purchase doe permits. For Private land you can 5 doe permits. So 7 Deer on Private land.

    Where I live in Wexford county, I'm limited to 2 private land permits. Some counties offer none.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Blay View Post
    Where I live in Wexford county, I'm limited to 2 private land permits. Some counties offer none.
    Maybe just the shot gun zone gets 5. It's impossible for me to keep up with these things. Every year I have to study the hunting and fishing guides to figure out what I can do.

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    When the truck is full I get two tags with each licenses. I can get one more licenses. So I could get four does or two dose and two bucks

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