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    Default 9 pt. buck shows up

    I've been getting pictures of some nice bucks at different hunting locations for about a month now.Problem is,so far I can't bump heads with any of them.Tough chess games to say the least!Today I went and checked one of my cameras at one of these spots and got a picture of this nice 9 pt.This place was very quiet as far as deer sign goes as of late,up until the last couple of days;then like a switch was turned on,the place suddenly has a bunch of sign due to acorns falling in abundance.Lots of scrapes and rubs are also starting to appear here,as well as the other spots I have.

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    yup, the ruts on here..i got lucky when I got my 9 point since he was hungry and not umm..well..horny
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    activity where i hunt has been kinda slow too. its startin to pick up a little bit though now thats it getting to be mid october

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