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Thread: back to basics?

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    Default back to basics?

    HI all, new guy here. I shot years ago with a PSE G Force minimum weight arrows, yadda yadda. I was a speed freek to say the least. lol

    Needless to say I lent my gear to at the time I thought friend. Long story short my few grand in toys ended up at a pawn shop for a losey $300 by that bugger.

    I didnt have the money to replace my gear as i was looking at buying a new home and such. well now ild like to get back into shooting ( not a hunter ) paper and 3D. i still have an old F2 Maxis kickin around here which would need sight , arrows, basicaly the works. probably even a new string at this time. im not against shooting it to get back in the "swing" of things

    i guess my question is with all the new tech. that iv been seeing in the last few weeks as iv been looking around at various sites. iv realized just how much has changed over the past few years and how out of touch i am now with it all. is the PSE AXE target a bow i could step right into and feel compfortable with. does it have any comparison to a which i assume obsolete G Force ? or should i be looking at basicaly starting over again and working into higher end bows as i get back the feel and experiance i once had?

    im not against looking at other bows , just the new AXE really caught my attention.

    anyway...nice site...thanks in advance for any insite you guys and galls may have

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    i would look at getting the higher end bow ! my reason is as they say you get what you pay for , besides you would not want to waste money buying a bow only to get rid of it a couple months so you could get a better one .so its my opinion to get a good one but shop around and do some comparison befor you buy. i shoot a hoyt but not for much longer i hope. i saw one on here today that i would give my right arm 4 but then when i got it i couldnt shoot it LOL but i am going to see what i can do to get it though .

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    If it's at all possible, go to a shop and shoot a few. Shoot a short ATA hunting model and the longest target model. That will give you some idea of which type you prefere. The new short parallel limbed bows are probably worlds away from your Maxis or GForce.
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    If you are strictly looking to target shoot paper and 3d I would personally recommend a longer bow than the Axe. I love PSE but the Axe might be too short, I can give you a list off the top of my hand you might want to look at
    Also it is about what fits you the best so if that bow does than you need to get it. I would recommend something no shorter than 34 inches (I shoot a 32 but use it for hunting too), also with at least a 7 inch brace height
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