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Thread: releases

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    JBK BOWSTRINS,DCAP staff armyof1's Avatar
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    Default releases

    guys i need advice on a new release right now i am using a true fire but i would like something a little more reliable and something built a bit better any sugestions

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    bowtecbowhunter bowtecbowhunter's Avatar
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    Default releases

    I use the little goose[ the little mongoose] SCOTT ARCHERY, the best release there is. I'd had one for about 6yrs, an then my jaws started to cut my D-loop an then after that it started misfiring, it had a burr on the jaws[ couldn't get rid of it]. I bought the exact same release but with a different wrist band.Instead of velcro I got the buckle type[less noise that way].I've had this one for about 5yrs. and if anything goes wrong with it I'll get me another one since there's no reason to change it if it ain't broke an your happy with it.

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    B.T. You wont be disapointed.
    Redhead Kronik 60-70# 26" Draw
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    Carter "Two shot" if you like wrist strap releases.

    Stan's "shoot off" if you're lookin for a hand held release.

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