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    Default Filled my bonus tag tonight

    It's hasn't been raining for three days, but tonight it started in again surprise surprise. When I got to the stand about 3:30 it was just misting so I thought I stick it out. About 6:00 pm it really started in raining. I was hear so I stayed in the stand. At 6:30 two fawn came down to the creek and started drinking water. I set there and watched them for about 10 minutes. Then here came the doe and she started drinking also. It's raining hard I though if she give me a really good shot I will shoot her because if I had to track her I could loose her in this rain. I watch her for about 5 minutes at about 15 yards she turned away from me and I though to myself I will just shoot her in the spine so I won't haft to track her. I put my 20 pin on her spine shooting down on her and let it fly she drop right in the creek like a ton of bricks and was rolling in the mud as she died. My arrow went all the way up to the vanes and sounded like I broke a big dead limb into. I'm tired now, but the arrow looked like it was in the center of the spine on the inside. I will look closer tomorrow. I know it got both lungs when I field dressed her and unscrewed the undamaged broadhead off under her chest the arrow was sticking about 3 inches through the center of her chest. I'm old and it all most kills me to get a deer in by myself any more. My 66 lb Black Ice and 400 Axis tipped with a 100 gr Montec really done a job on her and no tracking. You think I start hunting closer to the road
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    Thumbs up Doe Down!

    Congrats!!!!!!Sounds like a hunt to remember! well placed arrow and G5 head did the job!
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    Default Congratulations

    On a nice doe for the freezer
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    Congrats on a great shot!
    I know what you mean about hunting closer to the road. I try to hunt with a friend so I'll have some help dragging if I get one. lol

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    Great hunt....great story....great shot.

    And for us older guys

    Where's the best place to shoot a big deer.........

    wait for it

    WAIT FOR IT...................

    Next to the truck.

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