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Thread: Darn Rain

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    Default Darn Rain

    Rained too much in the Hill Country at the wrong times. Hunted for 4 days and saw about 5 deer total and they were all babies.

    Last hunt of the trip I sat in the tree for hours staring at nada, NADA so I decided to call it a day about 10 after 7. Got 20 yards from my stand and 6 pigs came to eat . Luckily I had my bow in my hands and an arrow nocked. I was on the other side of the ditch so the 3D skills had to kick in to judge the yardage since my range finder was in my backpack, which I was wearing. I got to a clearing and guessed the yardage about 32 yds and aimed for a big, fat sow (prolly 400 lbs easy). Pull back unnoticed buried the pin in her ticker and fired...watched the arrow sail towards her and nick her chest just behind the front leg . Heard my arrow go up the hill clanging off rocks and trees, and a very grumpy pig growling from the bushes. Pulled out the range finder and it was 39.5 yds....I guess I should have made more than 2 3D events this year! Hopefully the deer are more cooperative thanksgiving week!!!!!
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    It's been raining here 4 days straight

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    It's just been to warm here. 60-70 degrees. Next week will be better...
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