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    Default Saw nice 7 point

    Only problem was, I was in my suv. I saw doe's crossing ahead of me in a heavily wooded subdivision. I coasted ahead until I was just short of the deer and watched them a few feet away in the trees. Then another doe crossed and then another. Each deer stopped just inside the woodline and stared in the direction they came, so I did too. Then I saw the buck comming. He looked to be 3 1/3 with a nice 7 point rack. He just stood there 10 feet from me sniffing and licking his nose. His neck was swollen. Eventually, he became aware of my suv idling and darted back in the trees a few yards and continued sniffing and licking. The doe's stood there as if saying," come on, dummie!" Apparently, some chasing has started early this year in my area. Usualy the last Oct. week, through the first week of Nov. is the best pre rut hunting of the year. It's been colder than usual here lately. Guess I'd better step up my time in the woods and find out for sure.

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    Wink 7 Point

    Thanks for the Update, I have decided to came back up north on the 12 of Nov, hopefully things should really be rolling by then!
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