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    Thumbs down crossbows in wisconsin?!

    I just recieved a letter in the mail yesterday, in that letter it said that there is a chance that the state of Wisconsin is looking at legalizing crossbows for anybody to use during archery season, there was also a letter from the American Crossbow Federation urging the hunters to support this during the spring fish and game hearings. How does everbody else feel about this?

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    I have heard crossbows are going to become legal in many states that don't have it now.
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    I heard that also, but then I heard that many of the states where they were trying to get them legalized, were rejecting them. The way the letter I got reads, they, being the American Crossbow Federation, or ACF, want to push the crossbows as an alternative to standard archery equiptment, that would be allowed to be used during the entire archery season just as standard archery equiptment. Today I attended a IBEF certification course and became an instructor, in the course there was nothing said at all about crossbows, in the states that already have crossbows, such as Ohio, did archers have to go through a safety course?

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    Thumbs up There will be no crossbows in wisconsin

    The question of legallizing crossbows was voted on at the spring conservation congresses meeting. It was voted down.
    I went to the meeting mainly becuase of the croosbow question.

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    Crossbows are legal here in Georgia now for everyone. Also in Alabama. I dont like them myself.

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    I live in Wisconsin, I'm glad it didn't go through, for the most part bow hunters are pretty dedicated and responsible, I'm afraid that if they allow crossbows alot of the hunters would be rifle hunters, nothing against rifle hunters, but there seems to be alot more careless and unresponsible gun hunters than bowhunters, I like the way it is now, if you have a physical condition that doesn't allow you to shoot a bow you can use a crossbow.

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