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    Default Which bow to get (Tough decision)???

    I went to one of my local archery shops and test fired three great bows; The Mathews Switchback XT, Hoyt's Trykon, and Bowtech's Tribute. All of them shot very smooth with very little noise. With the XT I shot a real tight group, Tribute was tight but a little low and the Trykon shot tight, but a little lower then the Tribute. The sales rep said the different shot placement with all three bows was different because each bow was not sighted in for me, but all shot groups were tight. They all feel good to me. I can't tell the difference between each as far as noise, vibration etc. Which one??? The Hoyt bow is on sale for $579.00, the Mathews XT is $665.00, and the Bowtech is $799.00 (tad bit pricey). Which one should I get???

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    Id say if you like them all and they shoot well for you then I'd follow the wallet. With the money saved you could buy some better quality arrows, which is more important than the bow anyway.

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    It's a long hard decision. I made the same one earlier this year. You should check out the previous posts about these bows. I was in your same shoes and went with the Hoyt Trykon XL. I love this bow. The only thing I did was pull out the fuse string dampeners and put in Cross bow leaches. I think for the nine dollars that it had made a night and day difference. MY friend is a Mathew’s follower. Mathews is a great bow but for me the Hoyt is what fit best. Good luck in your decisions. Either way you can't go wrong.

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    If they all shoot well for you then.......that Trykon sure is purrtttty to me. Seems like the best deal as well.

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    I would wait and see what they come out with for 2007......
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