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    Default Hoyt Contender fast enough for 3D?

    Would you consider a Hoyt Contender (308IBO) at 27.5" & 60lbs fast enough for unmarked 3D comps? Or would a Maxxis 35 be a better choice?


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    Hoyt Maxxis 35 62lbs | 28" 346gr @ 285fps
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    I don't think speed is important. I think that you should practice your yardage estimation with a slower bow, that way you will know how close you guessed the yardage. Im shooting roughly 270fps with 440(approx)grain arrows. I use that weight of arrows for hunting so I use that on the 3d course. Unless Im in a tough competition, then I would use lighter arrows that will shoot around the 300fps mark so I don't have to be as accurate with my yardage estimation
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