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    Default Freezing/thawing/refreezing deer meat

    Just finished cutting up the deer that I killed Saturday and ran out of time before I could get any of it ground into burger. I had a guy tell me once that you could freeze deer meat, thaw it out for grinding, and refreeze it without any problems. I've never tried it and wanted to check with some of you that process your own meat to see if this is a true statement. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    i have done this but i didnt let it unthaw all the way . just enough to let it go through the grinder and it was ok .

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    Thumbs up Meat

    Ejg, Armyof1 has the right idea! and there are lots of sites that talk about this. The danger is bacteria forming while you are working with the meat. If I were doing it the meat would still have that icey look but thawed enough to run through grinder. Also Use a double bowl, Fill a bowl with ice cubes, place place second bowl on top ice! As you grind put that meat in the bowl with ice under it keeping it very cool! wrap and refreeze ASAP! Good Luck and lets us KNow!
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    I have a wild game cooking video by some German/Austrian chef that said venison tastes better ground right before being cooked, so I tried it. It was the best venison burger I've had. Tasted just like steaks, only burgers! Keep the meet you intend to grind up into burger frozen in whole muscle group pieces, and grind it once thawed and ready to cook.

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