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    Default Who makes the most effective rattle bag/pack rack?

    Let's hear it. Anyone had any luck with these things? Is it worth the effort or do ya think the off noise scares the bucks away? Better success with the real deal?

    I have the flextone rubber rattle bag and think it sounds good. Have also played with the H.S. Heavy Horns bag with the wood in it, and think that just sounds like wood. But what do I know, it's my first year.
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    Default My .02

    A real set of horns is the best thing for rattling, as for its effectiveness.... (debate here) Most of the areas I hunt, rattling will produce long boring sits!! I try to set up in areas I know the deer are in like them to come through unaware rather than alert... I hunt primarily public ground and every tom **** and harry rattle like its the thing to do, so a rattle bag or horns etc... are out of the question in my book. Grunts and bleat cans are much better methods of getting deer in the surrounding areas attention.
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    Default Your Right!

    I have a bag set and it can sound a little Woody, you can soak the wood a few days before a hunt in water to change the tone! Also My best luck was with artifical pair that I have since left in a tree somewhere many years ago!.
    I was able to keep a buck in the area, until legal shooting time, Big Eight point! I have been noticing a few outfits making artifical sets out of Texas some have more antlers to make the fight more realistic. The real anler sets get very hard over the years and don't sound the same. Let us know what you come up with!
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    I've got one of the rattle bags (sorry, can't remember the name) plus a set of real antlers. I prefer the real antlers other than they are bulky to carry.
    My personal preference is to team up when rattling. One of you in the tree, the other on the ground where you can scrape the brush and thump the ground.

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