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    Thumbs up My first day on the outdoor target range.

    Today was my first day on the outdoor target range. Granted, I was on the practice targets attempting to adjust my sight.

    I was by myself in the woods. A slight rain fell on the fallen leaves. From that spot you could not tell you were in a large metropolitan area. I ripped off some forty shots in groups of four (I only have four arrows). After each group I would take a few steps back. The sounds in the woods, in the rain, taking practice shoots almost made me forget the last 9 months of work that has taken its toll on me. I am greatful to have a job in these times but a person needs an outlet.

    After my fortieth arrow I just sat on the bench and took it all in. I am on vacation until Monday and I intend to shoot everyday until I must return to work. It is nice to be in the woods instead of a cubical. I would rather stare at the target and scan the country side instead of looking at my computer and reports all day long. I did not even mind that it was raining. It must be the same feeling one would have in a tree stand waiting for a dear. I can see why people invest so much in this sport. After practice I just sat in the car and listened to the rain for about 20 minutes. Then it was out of the parking lot, down the driveway, and back in the real world of Baltimore, Maryland.

    Tomorrow after I shoot in the morning the club has a casual indoor league that meets in the evening. I think I will attend. Thank you everyone for helping a stressed individual relax a little.
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    ahh spoken like a true archer.

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    Wonderful story, archery truely is a great sport, though expensive you cannot truely put a price on how valuable it is to alot of people.
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    its a lot cheaper than a syc dr. or anti depresent drugs and a whole lot better for the soul . and yes that is the same feeling we hunters get setting in the stands , that is untill the deer show up then its all kinds of excitement

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