Just wanted to share some information just incase anyone one is interested regarding an upcoming Archery school being held in Springville, NY approx 30 Miles south of Buffalo.

"The School of Advanced Archery and Instructor Certification Program," Its nicknamed "A Weekend at Bernie's." Taught by Master Coaches Bernie and Jan Pellerite of Robinhood Video Productions Inc., June 18, 19, 20th at S & S Taxidermy Archery Pro Shop in Springville NY. This school is an enhanced version of the NFAA Archery School previously taught by Bernie and Jan. This course covers everything from bow setup to target panic. It will be a very exciting three days.

Additional details regarding the school can be requested by contacting the coordinator or by visiting Http://www.robinhoodvideos.com

At this time we still have some seats available so if anyone is interested feel free to give me a call at (716) 592-5971 or email ThomasRSullivan@starband.net.