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    Default New Hoyt Staff Shooter on board!

    I have to brag on one of my fellow Vic’s Archery teammates. This fine fellow has worked very hard the last couple years to take his game to the next level. He has spent countless hours behind the bow refining his form and building endurance-often until late into the night. He set up an entire range of ASA targets in his back yard to practice and memorize yardage and shot placement. He has set up a full service shop in his garage to build, fix and tune all of his equipment.

    I know many of us can say we have done all those things too. The kicker is that with this archer those things are only a small part of the commitment he has made to archery. This archer spends hours extending help to other archers whether it be tuning their bows, helping them with form, talking them through technique and focus issues or anything they need. This archer is always the first to lend out releases, arrows, sights, even bows…..whatever is needed to help his fellow shooters. This is a man who is humble enough to help even those who challenge him on the line.

    Again, a few of us can say “I do all that too”. This guy can flat out shoot too. The 59x 300 he shot in league last night looked effortless. Most 3-d shoots will see him at or over “par”. Having shot a few field rounds with him I know he has got “game” in that venue as well. He was the Braggin’ Rights Shoot champion more than once. He has won a National ASA 3-d in open A and finished in the top 10 for the year. He pushes and often prevails over the local hardcore spotties. This guy is purely a multi-dimensional archer.

    Now, few of us can still honestly say we are still “in”. This archer committed time, effort and money to attend every ASA Pro-Am this year. He competed in multiple states and venues with not more than a couple weekends “off” between January and August. He assisted his state ASA rep whenever needed.

    Wow, not many of us left now! This archer takes time at all these events to meet new people, make new friends and build relationships. To think this “ambassador of archery” does all of this and is just another blue-collar family man like many of us is really astounding. This man is none other than “THE PIBB”

    Congratulations to you Jim Frazier on making Hoyt’s Shooting Staff! You will represent them well. You have stayed true to Hoyt for many years and not strayed even when opportunity was there to do so. Your hard work has paid off and you deserve the honor.

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    Congrats! Good luck this upcoming year
    James Drouillare...Adams Archery...Hoyt...Easton...Trophy Taker...Scott Archery...Doinker...Muzzy...Bohning

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    Sounds like your position is well earned!!


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