I made the trip to a local shop today because I wanted to look over, get my hands on, and shoot the Destroyer and I knew they had a 350 just for that purpose.

When I was handed the Bow I looked it over pretty close. A Sims stabilizer, a regular Hostage rest, D-Loop, Tru-peep, and a 3 pin sight adorned the bow. Not necessarily my choices but it would work well for what it was intended. I immediately noticed the Bow was a 70#er and 29" draw. It also looked to be bottomed out and I thought Ugh!! Too long a draw and 70# (I shoot 60#)

Buddy said the arrows were out in the range and told me to help myself as I had told him I had my own release. The Fit and finish on the bow was very Impressive, as good as I have seen on any bow. The Limbs truly are beautiful with the exposed laminations. These limbs will undoubtedly set a new Standard in compound limbs. No cost was spared as the Best materials were used in these limbs. Also impressive was the Flex roller guard, which moves just enough to do what it is intended to do. After shooting a half dozen arrows I decided to go see what the bow was scaling as I was sure it was not 70#, but a trip to the scale proved I was wrong and it was 70# on the button. Wow!! A 70# speed bow that was an inch too long and still felt relatively smooth! Unbelievable!!
Shooting the 350 for a while only impressed me more and I was grouping arrows very tightly with a bow that was Not setup for me and was an inch too long in draw and 10 more pounds than I am used to shooting. The Bow was very quick (BC said 29", 70#, 350 grain arrow, 341 fps) it was very quiet even in the enclosed shooting lane, and recoil & vibration were virtually nonexistent.
My 1st impressions of this Bow was Wow, Wow!! I really could not find anything that I did not like about this bow. I thought the 32 5/8" A to A would be something I might not like, but it held and shot like a longer Bow. BowTech has hit a Home Run with this Bow No Doubt!!

Now for the Bad part!! I have to wait for my 340 to come in. I probably will have a 350 on order very soon as well.