I took in a really nice big ol' doe. I was leaving town the next morning so I took it to my "Ex" butcher. I figured her for weighing around 105-110. Even at 100 lbs. I was thinkning at least getting backaround 33 lbs. I go to pick the meat up last night. The box felt a little light but, I was in a hurry so I left and took it home. Threw it on the scale and it was only 21.4 lbs. I've always heard you get about 1/3 of field dressed weight back. So what gives? Am I wrong. I called and made sure they didn't have another box they over looked or maybe spelled my name wrong. They swear up and down that I was the only one w/ my last name that took a deer up there. If I'm not wrong about the weight I should have been getting back then they've lost a lot of my business. I buy most of my meat there and was getting ready to order 15 lbs. of beef tenderloin from them for x-mas. Let me know what ya'll think!