So there is this farmer and he has a really old rooster and the rooster isn't putting out to the hens the way he used to be able to. Well this farmer has been trying to replace him but the ones he's been buying haven't been working out too well. So the farmer goes in town one day, pays more money for a better quality rooster, brings him back, and puts him in the henhouse. Well the old one took a look at that young rooster and he said "Tell ya what son, we are going to have to figure out who's king of the roost and I have just the plan. I'm gonna race you around the henyard 3 times, whoever wins, they'll be king." The young one laughed and thought, no problem, I am gonna wax this old man. So they go outside and the old rooster asks politely for a headstart to the end of the henhouse, I mean fair is fair ya know. The young one said no problem. So their off to the races. The first lap around the young one catches up a bit, second lap around he catches up some more, and the third lap he's ready to pass that old man at the finish line and the farmer comes out with his 12 gauge and -BAM- shoots the young rooster. He calls his wife out and says, "Ya know darlin', that's that third queer rooster I bought this week."