okay, i have taken the 15 year old neighbor boy under my wing since his dad has done some pretty rotten stuff to him and he told his dad he never wants to see him again. (parents divorced).
i have tried to be the best role model i could be for him. taken him hunting and fishing and doing everything i could with him. he really likes the outdoors,even if its just sitting around a fire talking.
his mom is alot a bit weird. he is very sheltered. he has no friends beside me. but anyways his mom constantly complains about spending 10,000 a year for him to go to private school. and calls him a dumb pretty much every day and wonders why he does bad in school. its not that he does bad, he gets at least c's evey once in a while he will get a d.
she wants him at home every day, hince the no friends part. and she makes him do everything she does. she treats him like hes 4, she wont hardly let him outside anymore. he also has to visit he aunt and uncle every other day and sit around and watch girly tv shows. and since he cant go outside or do alot of hunting and fishing he is a bit big and his mom also tells him he is fat.

i dont know what all you guys were doing at 15 but when i was that age i had tons of friends and went hunting and fishing every chance i got. enjoying my adolescence every chance i got. unlike most of us he is stuck inside doing nothing but sitting around watching tv and playing with his guitars.

another part is that he has this huge opurtunity to hunt on private land with a guide and take his first deer tomarrow. the private land and guide is one of our 3D members, and his mom doesnt want him to go. also he attended his hunter education class today and passed his test with 100%. this boy deserves alot more than what he gets from his mom.